You have to bring your own casual clothes or some your small articles. Whey we say that there is the season or colors. However, you must bring 3 or 4 kinds of clothes at least 2 kinds of ones. Also, you must not wear the clothes you may use from your house.

You have to bring many kinds of clothes because of weather, doesn’t use the same colors which the other model wear and the director will change his/her minds.

If they say you have to bring your own clothes even they prepare your clothes, their prepared ones are not fit you they use your own ones. You must not wear your clothes because they would get some cloth wrinkle, tear and stain etc.

It is no wonder that professional model and talent put as many as clothes in their suits case if they have to bring their ones.

Also they are always having their profiles ” composites and model books, If have a name card is the best.
You have to prepare your own make up tools because hair make artist ones may be not good for your skin.

If you dont have your own ones you may be asked You are really professional? You dont have your own make up tools. Why?