The shrunk world is in the panic now because COVID-19 finally has become pandemic in the world. Almost all events, concerts, sports etc. are canceled, postponed, no spectators and become scale down.
Things can’t move because there is no people. Furthermore, many companies are damaged by economic recession. The whole world is chaotic.
How’s the solutions of government of Japan and the world neither nor how’s Tokyo Olympic going in the future? Our minds tend to close because we are at a loss what to do lately.
We have the right of speech in Japan there is the criticism of mass media and SNS, we doubt what the government has done up to now.
However, the whole world would like to solve such a problem. That is why there are various kinds of opinions in the world.
We must do events because of avoiding economic recession or cancel them prevent from infection, or we should do economic measures, or we must help employee because they have lost a job accidentally, or we should take virus inspection, or many beds of sickness will be lacking off, or we must take care of students of school are closed and so on.
There are a lot of opinions because all people who want to find the solution. For examples, it is fact that we must judge events should be canceled, or postponed, or no spectators and become scale down or conducted events or not. It is true that if the government have nothing to do with it, the situation will be worse. We have to think twice how we manage Tokyo Olympic.
People who have in charge of something must courageously decide if things have a problem. It regrets if events are canceled but we must have more courage if we execute after thinking twice too. We should accept the person in charge decide to do even if there is a problem. It is next to impossible to understand how the staff feel as the time they judge something. So, we have the right of speech but I hate to criticize person involved a one-side by both SNS and mass-media.
They are completely out of the question that people who infect virus on purpose, purchase a mask for reselling and contribute fake news to SNS without researching. What is required is to be calm and judge information correctly then perform self-defense by yourself. It is easy to say that China’s first action might be wrong and is was inadequate measures Japan as well as all over the world. We hate a new type of CORONA VIRUS, not a human. The future is important from now on and we respect to those who have to work on the ground and make decision. If we think it is going to be a wrong direction, want it to be self-determined.
Tokyo Olympic is postponed to conduct within 1 year. I hope it will be the symbol of recovering COVID-19.
Life is sometimes like WINTER, but WINTER always turns to SPRING.