I heard Joe Biden’s victory declaration speech on CNN News. I thought both presidents were too old, and I thought Donald Trump was more powerful and charismatic. I think I’m disqualified as the president in US so I thought Mr. Biden was better. As a result, I felt relieved Mr. Biden was become the president in US and he is better than Mr. Trump but he changed his mind when I heard the speech of the victory declaration. He has a good complexion, a strong voice, and charisma. Super old man. I’m worried about his health, but I think it’s okay because He has the first black female vice-president, Kamala Harris, and the speech was so powerful that I think he will run for four years. Even the supporters of the enemy Mr. Trump are not enemies and you would be depressed when you see the results however Mr. Biden says we will work together to solve various problems as one. There are uncertainties about what will happen to Japan in the future, questions remain about the US presidential election system, and I think there are improvements, but I reaffirmed that the United States is still a potential country. It was almost becoming a country I hate, but it stayed. When Mr. Biden was pleased with his supporters when he won 270 electors, he felt he was embracing diversity. In speeches, old and young, men and women, straights and LGBTQ, conservatives and innovations, blacks, whites, Latins and Asians are all about being one, not divided. I do your best because we are all American. I thought it was a good speech. Although there will be difficult future, but I felt that there is one light. Although Even I am Japanese that my heart was often filling with anxieties for four years because of Mr. Trump. However, if I think that it was for this day, it may be one of the people who needed it in the times.